Friday, 22 February 2013

Brand New Blog..

I'm utterly gutted & totally fuming. I have had to set up a whole new Google Account & delete my old one. Therefore I have had to set up a brand new Blogger :( 

The google account that I set up for my android tablet has been hacked!!! which now explains why somebody else is playing "the simpsons tapped out" on my account.. the cheeky bastards have also been buying games with my card that I had registered to my google account :o I looked at my online banking this morning (to see if my phone bill had gone out) & there was £15 in transactions that were made to google on Wednesday that wasn't me!!! all the games i've downloaded for my tablet since I got it are free! so this morning i've had to contact Barclays Bank & they have opened a fraud case! they've refunded the money back into my account (which will go back in within 24-hours) & my card has been cancelled so no more transactions can be made & a new card is being sent out to me! 

Needless to say i'm not impressed because I now have to start over with everything.. My Blogger was my lifeline & I feel like ive had it taken from me.. I did manage to get into my old google account & I have deleted it completly now so its gone, my blogger & everything.. so i'm asking, those of you who were following my old blogger can you now please follow this one instead :) 

Thanks for reading. 
until next time Bloggers.......... X 

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