Friday, 22 February 2013

Our CCAM Baby (Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation)

It was 28th April 2O1O & we where getting ready for our 2O weeks scan.. this of course should of been the most exciting time in my pregnancy by far! it was far from that. 

We arrived at the hospital for our scan & I was taken into the ultrasound room, me & my husband both ecstatic with excitement! the lady applied the cold gel to my expanding belly & began the scan.. after about 2O minutes of the lady staring at the screen & not saying anything she called in another colleague & they had a word in the corner, by this point I began to panic. the lady then came back over to us & explained that there was something wrong with our babies lung but also asked of we would like to know the sex, we were told we where having a baby boy.... Our Joelybum :) 
but then to "add salt to the wound" I was asked if I would ever consider termination! my blood ran cold & I burst into tears.. from here on the nurses basically just sat in the fence & we where transferred to LGI (Leeds General Infirmary for a further scan.. we waited 3 days for the scan, & all we could think was, "what's going to happen to our baby"? BUT when we got to the Fetal Assessment Unit at LGI the staff were so much different & supportive to the doctors & nurses at the previous hospital. 
We where taken into another ultrasound room & it was there that she explained that our baby had a condition called CCAM (Congenital Cystic Adenomatoid Malformation) BUT it wasn't a definite death sentence for our baby. 
I was given another scan so that they could check on the ccam.. & we where also told that our son had congenital bowel so both me & my husband had to have blood tests to see if either of us where carriers of the CF gene. 2 weeks later our results came back that neither of us where carriers.. what a relief.. we where also told that from this point I would be given an ultrasound scan every 2 weeks so they could keep a close eye on our baby & to also monitor him for Hydrops. 

The weeks passed in a blurr of worry, frustration, guilt & stress.. Finally at my 37 weeks scan I was told that I would be brought in for a sweep at 39 weeks & then if that didn't work I would be induced on my due date, 11.O9.2O1O... as we expected the sweep didn't work & on Sunday 12th September I found myself on LGI delivery suit being induced... my emotions where all over the place, but deep down all I could think was "please god, let my baby be born breathing & crying" after 36 hours of labour, 1 hour & half of pushing & a failed forceps I was taken for an emergency c-section & our beautiful baby entered the world.... kicking & screaming! :) 
We didn't get to long with him as he was rushed off for xrays & then taken to special care for 5 hours whilst I was taken back to recovery. I was reunited with my son again on the transitional ward. 

4 months down the line my son saw his consultant for the first time & we where told that his ccam was so small that he should be fine & could live a healthy life without needing surgery unless the ccam started to cause problems. this was in January 2O11. after this appointment Joel had chest-infection after chest-infection, when we saw his consultant again in July 2O11 he decided on sending our son for a CT scan to get a more detailed look.. the CT scan was preformed on 31st August 2O11 & on 21st October 2O11 we where told our son needed surgery to remove his ccam & that it would be 14th November 2O11. the following weeks that lead up to his surgery where horrible... On 13th November 2O11 we went to LGI for Joel's surgery, he went down to theater at 8.3Oam on 14th November 2O11 & he came back at 3.3Opm - 5 & half hours of pure hell. 

But our beautiful little fighter has shown us just how strong he is & has come through it all. he is now  a completely different child.. i'm so glad that I followed my heart & didn't decide on a termination because even though we have been through hell we have such a beautiful little lamb to show for it. 

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