Friday, 8 March 2013

A 2O1O Flashback.

Today I have been sat looking through photo's of when my son was born nearly 3 years ago! This of course got me thinking all about my labour with him & the first few days after he'd entered the world. So I thought I would share my experience of becoming a Mum for the first time!! :) 

My due date was 11 September 2O1O, I was taken in to Leeds General Infirmary to be induced on 12th September 2O1O, I got the call to say we could come into The Delivery Suite in the morning (after waiting for 2 days) When we got there around midday (Me, Neil & Neil's Mum) I was put on the monitor while they did all the paperwork to admit me, I was on the monitor for about 3O minutes & was told that I had to stay on as Joel's heartbeat had dipped so they kept me on for another 3O minutes & when they checked me again every thing was fine. around 6.3opm I was then given an Internal Examination to see if they could break my waters, it was revealed that I was already 2cm dilated & I was told that my waters where bulging & could be broken so I was taken to a laboring room, by this point I was bricking it, & I actually burst into tears saying 'I don't want to do this anymore' LOL!! Neil & his Mum calmed me down & my waters where broke at 7pm, & I have to say, weirdest sensation I ever experienced in my entire life!! I then had a canular placed in my hand, & oh what fun..! They couldn't find a vein & it took 4 attempts just to get the canular in my hand, they tried my feet & everything!! Once the canular was in I was put on the drip to start my contractions.. I remember gettin my first contraction & thinkin wow this is guna be a doddle!:D then I got my second & changed my mind haha!.

A couple of hours past & the contractions where startin to get stronger so the nurse that was looking after me suggested I tried the Gas+Air.. I managed to go 3 hours pain free before I caved & started on the Gas+Air! The next thing I remember is the nurse saying she needed to examine me again to see how far I had dilated.. (it was around midnight) I had gone from 2-3cm in 4 hours! :/ so she upped the dose of the drip. I just remember thinkin wow i'm tired haha!. the next thing I remember is it being about 2am & I wanted a drink so I asked for a cuppa tea & was told I could only have water because of the drip so I started crying...AGAIN lmao. 

I was examined again at 3am & was told that I was 5cm dilated.. by this point I was completely off my face but I kept needing to get up & move around..! the amount of positions I got into was mental I duno how I did it. at one point I asked for an exercise ball & they said there wasn't any free & the next thing I knew she was bringin one in - I don't actually know if that was minutes or hours later haha..! 
7am rolled round & the nurses did there change over & I was examined again. I was 6cm. 
I was totally in cuckoo land & by this point Neil & his mum where takin shifts to sleep & help me out, at one point I told Neil's mum that if she didn't sleep I would never speak to her ever again!:L 

By 12pm I was 8cm & then at 3pm I reached 1Ocm & I was being told that I was ready to push but I didn't actually feel like I needed too. 
I was pushing for an hour & half & nothing was happening & that's when everything started moving quickly, the surgeon came in to see me & said that they needed to do a Forceps Delivery so I was taken down to theater  (by this point I was panicking & feelin rather freaked out!) We got to theater & they got me all ready for the Forceps only when they tried it was revealed that Joel was stuck behind my pelvic bone & hadn't actually come down the birth canal because he'd moved his head so that he'd gotten himself stuck (how's that for i'm not coming out!!) so I was given a c-section there & then!! Joel came into the world at 4.47pm, he was taken over to the Pediatric surgeon who checked him over & then he was weighed dressed & brought over to us, I vaguely remember that me & Neil where both blubbin, Neil more than me, I didn't have the energy! Joel was then taken away for his xrays & I was rushed off to recovery to have antibiotics pumped into me. (because I have a sunt & my valve was bypassed in the op so they didnt want me developing an infection) when we got to recovery Neil's mum was waiting for me with a red puffy face, (Neil had slipped out of theater when I was being stitched & told his mum the news & she'd obviously blubbed :p) Then the best time came, I was given a cup of tea, Neil kissed me & then him, his mum & dad left to go visit Joel in special care (Joel had CCAM a malformation on the Lung) so soon as the room was empty I gulped down my tea & oh my god it was heaven. I then slept for 5 hours straight before I was woken by porters who were moving me over onto the Transitional Ward (a special care ward for mother & babies) it was there that I was united with my son & got my very first cuddle..... & yes, I bawled my eyes out.

Thank you for reading :) 
Until next time Bloggers.......X

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  1. I think it is important to look back and reflect on how our little ones come into the world. Well done you and yours.