Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Typical Tuesday.

I'm a stay at home Mummy, & Tuesdays are possibly my most favorite day of the week. In the morning I take my 2 year old son to our local Surestart Centre which starts at 9.30am until 11am! We have lots of fun, playing outside, painting, coloring, & exploring new things, my son has such a good time that every week we have to endure tantrums when it's time to leave! :s 


After our time at Surestart we get the bus over to my mother in laws & have lunch, Joel loves to see his nanna, when she's on the scene I become totally invisible to him (he's such a nanna's boy) Nine times out of ten we end up spending the afternoon there & because we only live a 5 minute walk away we go home just before tea time ready to get Joel settled down for the night. 


Once I manage to get Joel home he runs straight into the livingroom & tips his toybox out whilst I  prepare & cook his tea. After tea he gets some time in the bath & then he gets to choose between watching Cbeebies on the sofa with Mummy & Daddy or going up to bed & watching a dvd for an hour, (half the time he chooses the dvd) :p 

Thank you for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed reading a typical Tuesday. 
Until Next Time Bloggers.............X 


  1. Such a cute final photo! My boy always throws a hissy fit after a really good play session!x

  2. I use to love the surestart centers, they were a god send. I miss cure start centres so much! My kiddies are too old for them now though. Lovely photos, that last one is so precious. x

  3. I love our local Children Centres, i think i get just as much enjoyment watching my little man play as he does! I have to agree the last photo is particularly sweet x