Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Clearing my Head.

Today has been a really tough day for me, my mood has been up & down all day, so this evening whilst my husband took over child duties I decided to get out & have myself some "me time" this being of course, a ride out on my bike, why not kill two birds with one stone right? I might have even managed to knock off a few lbs too! :) firstly I had to nip over to my mother in laws to grab the bike pump because my tyres were rather flat, so once that was done off I went.. & along the way I decided to take some photo's of my favorite spots.. I hope you enjoy.

This place always reminds me of my mother in laws dog that passed away due to cancer in 2009! see them bushes behind the rocks? in the summer all you see is leaves & green, well Ami, (my mother in laws dog) she would dive in & out of them trees barking & being utterly insane! so when I pass here now, I always find myself thinking of our Ami up in doggie heaven. 

This little bridge right here, (not so little actually) has a lot of memories for me, mostly my first memories with my husband. (before he was my husband ofcourse) when I used to come up to visit on Weekends we would spend endless weekends walking to this bridge (especially in the Summer) we'd feed the thousands of ducks that gathered & just enjoy the view. I cant wait until this Summer so we can take our son down there to feed the ducks, or has he calls them (wack-wacks) 

This has got to be the most beautiful evening view I have ever seen, abit dark I will admit, but saying that it was going on for nearly 6pm! I just sat myself apon a rock drinking in the view & feeling so relaxed. I would totally say this has got to be my favorite spot of all, it was so peaceful & my head just felt so clear. it was truly lush.

Now, last but not least, the best puddle I have ever seen! needless to say I turned into a complete child, put my legs up on my bike frame & let my bike just glide straight through the puddle haha!! I felt so carefree, but i'm also glad there wasn't any people around to see otherwise they may have thought I had gone insane! 

Thank you for reading my rather odd post :) 
Until next time Bloggers.............XXx

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