Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Joining in with "What's so Funee"

So my son is nearly 2 & half but doesn't really talk all that much yet so I have just included one of my favourite videos for "Whats so Funee" this is my first time joining in I hope you all enjoy :) 

This is Joel playing on my Android Tablet with his Nanna :) He may not be able to talk much yet but he doesn't half crack me up. 


  1. LMAO - how can you not laugh along with him! He's is adorable and hilarious xxx Thanks for linking up with Wot So #Funee :))) x

  2. Just realised we both have 2010 little boys :-)

    1. Aw wow that's amazing, when was your little boy born? My son is a 2010 september baby :) Xx

  3. ahh that's lovely. I love how excited he was. xxx

  4. He is a cutie! And what amazes me is that Nanna knows how to operate a tablet! My mum would try to swallow it with a cup of tea ;) Thanks for linking up to Wot so Funee? Just getting round to commenting now I'm back off my hols :)