Friday, 8 March 2013

Just me & my boy!

A Day Indoors. 

Today we are having a day indoors, the weather outside is all yukky, so we are staying in our pjs, watching cartoons, playing with toys & staying warm & toasty. My husband left this morning to go into town (poor man) but me & Joel thought better of it, so this morning so far we have sat & watched a few episodes of Sarah & Duck on the Cbeebies iplayer (he's obsessed) & then we got out all of his toys & played with his cars & fire engines! From being 18 months old my son has been totally devoted to his cars, fire engines & trains! he spends endless hours a day using his little imagination with all of his toys, he also likes to spend time in his bedroom from time to time snuggled up under his duvet watching his dvds, a boy after my own heart.

To say my son is Fireman Sam obsessed is a little bit of an understatement. He has so many Fireman Sam bits & pieces, including a room full of toys, dvds & even a duvet set! Recently Joel has taken a shine to Thomas the tank engine tho & when we were out in town last weekend he walked into the store that his daddy was in & picked up two Thomas DVDs, which his daddy paid for as a treat & he got to bring them home! That evening he wanted to go to bed a hole 30 minutes earlier than usual just so he could watch his dvds, who are we to object?!!! so off he went, & by 7.3Opm he was snuggled up under his duvet snoring!!

I possibly have the most contented little boy, he's such a happy & loving little guy, whats not to love?! 

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