Monday, 4 March 2013

Kill the moods with gardening.

Garden Fun!

Today I woke up abit on the shit side so I have spent most of this afternoon in my garden with my little boy doing some weeding, diggin & also some messing around & playing with toys :) which in my opinion is the best way to kill the moods. I can actually say that I think Spring is on it's way.. my bulbs have started to show an appearance YEEEY :) I can't actually remember what it was that I planted in all fairness, I think it may have been daffodils I shall let you know when they start to bloom! I can't wait to see what my garden looks like this year as towards the back of summer last year my mother in law gave me some cuttings from her garden & helped me to plant them. so I am hoping that they turn out nice.. & im also hoping that my son doesn't go around pickin all the heads off of the flowers!

Joel is addicted to the outdoors

My beautiful little sunbeam loves to be outside, he loves exploring everything! any sort of dirt or wetness you can guarentee Joel is there right in the middle of it all. For the past couple of days all we have done is chilled out in the garden & got ourselves some fresh air what with the weather being relevantly nice, it beats being stuck indoors! Joel has had fun exploring his sand box, something he hasn't seen since last summer because its been stored away in the shed with the rest of his toys! He's had all his cars & fire engines out on the drive lining them up & sending them flying down the drive! needless to say, he'll sleep tonight :p

Green Fingers

Meanwhile I spent a good chunk of time this afternoon cutting my lawn & diggin over the border of soil that goes around my garden & basically just tidying it all up since we are now spending abit more time in the garden I want it to be safe for Joel. although he did rather enjoy picking up chunks of soil & seeing how far he could throw them across the garden... once again, Joel has been exploring & getting dirty ;) 
All in all I have had a lovely day with my boy, he always makes me feel better when i'm having a naff day. 

The End Result

This is just a little picture of our garden that I took just before I brought Joel in to give him his tea & get him in the shower & ready for bed. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post on my blog. It has been a much more positive one to say the least.
Thank you for taking the time, all feedback would be appreciated.
Until Next Time Bloggers............ X 

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