Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mothers Day 2013.

This morning I was treated to a beautiful lie-in & Lunch. When I woke, My two year old son came scampering into my room with his Daddy holding a Mothers Day Card & a gift for me wearing one of his amazing smiles. Being the cheeky little monkey that he is, he clambered into bed next to me & started pointing at the present saying "in there" & then proceed to "help" Mummy open her Card & gift! Not that I minded of course, I just found it to unbelievably cute. :)

Being the wet blanket that I am reading his card brought tears to my eyes & Joel being the unbelievably affectionate little tot that he is, he gave me the biggest cuddle, patted my back & said "awww" :') after I had opened my card & gift Joel took me by the hand & we came downstairs to the kitchen table set out all lovely & my Lunch being prepared.. Joel started patting the chair for me to sit down & then he climbed into the chair next to me.. Daddy gave Joel his Dinner & then me mine! It was lovely. 

After Lunch Joel toddled off to play with his toys & get dressed ready for us going to see nanna in the afternoon, so I decided to get out the biccies & have my first brew in my awesome Mummy Mug not forgetting to also use my coaster. :') Later in the afternoon we went over to My husbands parents house to give my mother in law her mothers day gifts & see the rest of the family. All in all it has possibly been my BEST Mothers Day & hopefully come next year I will have two beautiful children to share it with. :) 

Thank you for Reading. 
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  1. That sounds like a lovely day, it is the little things that make us happy and the thought that someone cares! Please join my Mother's Day blog hop