Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Quality Time.

Quality Time with Nanna & Grandad.

My father in law retired from work in December 2O12 & since then our son now gets to spend alot more time with his Grandad. I have noticed that in the past couple of months Joel has become very attached to his Grandad, maybe its because he's now around alot more so Joel not only gets to see his Nanna, he gets to see his Grandad lots too! Joel gets a massive grin on his face whenever I tell him that we are going to see his Nanna & Grandad.. he's such a Nanna & Grandad's boy. I also cant be forgetting "tee" & "uddy" (Lottie & Woody) their dogs.

On Tuesday, Joel & his Grandad sat building ramps & playing with Cars, something Joel is obsessed with at the moment. His Grandad got out a load of books & balanced them so that they made one long steep ramp for Joel to put his cars at the top & them let them roll to the bottom. The excitement in his face was totally priceless. There is not really words to express how much Joel was excited by this so I have posted a video below for anybody to watch :) 

I hope you have enjoyed watching the video & readin this post :) 
Until next time Bloggers...........X

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