Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reasons to be positive.

Today has been a fairly strange day BUT a positive one. 

On a Thursday afternoon my 2 year old son attends nursery, this gives me a little time to myself to either, sleep, clean, or just generally relax! Today when I went to collect him at 5.30pm he was waiting for me at the door, squealing with excitement & waving.. something I love, it makes my heart pure melt.
I was told by his Key worker that he has had a very productive day & done some painting & some sticking, he had also made me a couple of things for Mothers Day :')

The Card my boy made me for Mothers Day

This is a beautiful made with my son's own two hands, & something that I will treasure always.
I have a keepsake box that I put bits & pieces in of Joel's or stuff he has made so that I can keep it always.

Being a mummy possibly has to be the best job in the entire world. The best thing I ever did was have my son & I honestly would not change him for the world... <33

Thank you for Reading
Until next time Bloggers......X

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  1. aww so sweet, love the hand prints and the mother day card xx