Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Red Nose Day Fun.

A Great friend of mine back in my home town is currently in the process of setting up something FUN to help raise money for Red Nose Day in my home town that is Barrow in Furness.

Nathan Lippitt is an amazing young man, he thinks about everybody else's needs before himself, only recently he set up an event at barrow town hall in just under a day, (The harlem shake) & over 300 people attended. All in all, he totally amazes me & i'm so proud to call him my friend.

So I ask you, to please donate whatever you can to his cause so that he can set up some fun in the small town & also raise alot of money for Red Nose Day. :)

Please follow this link (or copy & paste it into your search engine) & donate as much as you can, every little helps.

>>>>>  <<<<<

Thank you all for your Support.
Until next time Bloggers.................X

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