Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Seeing Mary.

This evening I saw Mary my counciller & I think I can actually say that i'm finally beginning to feel comfortable around her, which for me is a good thing because when I feel comfortable around somebody I tend to open up more & right now, that is what I need to be doing. This evening we spoke about my anxiety & how to improve my efforts on getting myself out of the house more. 

She gave me some sheets with exercises on to help with breathing which can help prevent my anxiety getting so high, she talked me through them & we tried a few out :) needless to sat by the end of the session I was feeling alot more comfortable with myself & how things were going with her! I sit now & think I can't believe that I nearly gave the sessions up just because I was feeling anxious about going! I'm just glad that she text me, & didn't give up. because of her constant harassment (in a very good way) I got the balls & returned to the sessions. 

Next week I wont be seeing her because it's Easter & she has a week off but that then gives me a whole week & half to work on my exercises & go through what I want to talk about with her next time we meet. I think I can defiantly say these sessions are helping, i'm actually beginning to feel abit more like myself & i'm not just sat stewing in my own self petty. (still a long way to go but it's a start)

Life is good at the moment & I hope it stays that way.. Thumbs up from me. 

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