Friday, 1 March 2013

Very Proud Mummy..

Yesterday (28.02.2013) my son has his toddler review at nursery. His Key-worker said that since he started with them this time last-year he has become a different little boy & that she thinks him being there has brought him on in leaps & bounds.

She told me that he's so affectionate & loving towards the other children & all staff, he is no longer shy & has completely come out of his shell when it comes to group play with the other children, althought from time to time he does like to just sit & play by himself. She also commented on how much he loves to be outside, when they go out to play he loves it, any sort of mess, (mud, water, sand) you can guarantee Joel is there having fun! They have also told me to stop fretting about his speech because they can all see that he is trying so very hard to talk! :') I just hope his speech therapist thinks the same when we see her again in 4 months time.. (more on that later)

All in all it was lovely to hear that Joel is so settled & content in nursery, especially since he still cries now & then when I drop him off. :)

I hope you enjoyed readin this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Until next time Bloggers..........X

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