Saturday, 23 March 2013

What a beautiful Winter we are having this Spring.

I have to say that the British weather completely sucks. We are now in March & the snow is still falling. I'm not even being over dramatic when I say that we have possibly had snow every few weeks since January! 

This morning I woke to a snow blizzard (that's still falling as I speak) I was hoping that this weekend maybe me & my boys could get out of the house & do something as a family.... no chance of that happening now!  so today we are planning on a pj day with plenty of indoor activities instead! coloring, watching dvd's, reading books, playing with toys & having plenty of warm drinks! :) 

I have to admit, sitting indoors with the heating on full wack looking out of the windows, the snow does look rather pretty, especially when it's freshly laid with little Jack footprints all around the garden were he's been out to explore! :) 

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