Tuesday, 12 March 2013

When I Met Debra Black & Kyle.

When I fell pregnant I used to spend alot of my time on Facebook lookin on all the Mums sites, mostly for people that were due around the same time as me, (I was due 11th September 2O1O with a little boy) then one day I came across a post by a women named Debra, she was due the exact same day as me & she was also having a boy too!! :) I messaged her straight away all giddy. 

After that we pretty much messaged each other everyday, we got very close, & when she went into labor before me I was so jealous *sat here giggling* she would message me in the middle of the night & tell me how her labor was going then exactly on our due date Kyle was born, & two days later my son came into the world. 

When our boys were 2 months old, Debra traveled the 4 hour journey all the way from Norfolk to Leeds just so that we could meet in person! I remember the moment she arrived, it was 8.30am & she text me saying that she was outside!! :o needless to say I shit my pants with nerves but soon as I opened the door she drew me into a hug & straight away it was like it wasn't our first meeting & we'd met before & were just having a chat up date.

Debra & Kyle spent most of the day at my house, we laid the boys on the floor & let them babble away with each other, whilst we chatted IN PERSON ;) Joel & Kyle loved each other, come to think of it I actually think seeing Kyle was Joel's first ever encounter with another Baby his own age! :) They would sit & babble together & looked so happy it was to say the least, mega LUSH! 


Me & Debra had a fall out not long after we met :( which I am not going to go into because I was horrible & that is all I will say on that subject. I have done this post basically to show her that I want to move forward, put the past to bed & start a clean slate with her! :) she said to me that actions speak louder than words, so here are my actions. I wish none of that BS had ever happened because she was like my sister & I do miss her.....ALOT! 

seen as we live so far apart this is my way of apologizing for everything I said & did, because believe me, if we lived closer i'd of knocked on her door long before now & sorted things. I'm not one for holding grudges, & I would rather look back on the good times than the bad. In my eyes when somebody accepts your apology the past is done, it can't be changed so there is no point in dwelling! Its all about moving on & making things better & this is exactly what I plan to do with my Grandma Debs & Kyle :)  

Thank you for reading this post. 
Until Next Time Bloggers..............X 

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