Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A Tough Few Days.


As most of you know I ended my friendship with my best Friend Natasha Cooper a few weeks back because her fiance Daniel Teal had become increasingly abusive with his words towards me after I asked them both if they would sponsor me for my head shave that I am doing to raise money for a children's cancer charity. After I ended the friendship I didn't hear anything from either of them so I assumed that was that. Then on Sunday evening (31.3.13) Daniel texted me about some items of clothing of Natasha's little boy's that she had left here, (ages ago I may add) he told me that I should gather them together & return them! when I refused he went mental on me, he threatened to call social services on me & he called me a bad mother among other things. so as you can imagine with me suffering depression & not being able to handle such abuse I had totally had enough & it was my poor husband that had to deal with me all upset :( luckily a few calming down techniques that my counciller had gone through with me last time we saw each other really seemed to help, & not to mention alot of reassuring cuddles from my husband :) After I had calmed down & pulled myself together my husband encouraged me to call up my mobile phone network & have my number changed, which is what I have now done. I have to be honest with myself here, as much as I am now feeling relieved that I no longer have to endure Daniel abusing me with his words I have also been feeling very paranoid, simply because the lovely person that Daniel is, he threatened to come over to my house & "sort me out face to face" of course he hasn't because he's all talk & no action but the thought still really scares me. 
Neil has been amazing, he is amazing i'm so lucky to have him. he took today (Wednesday) & tomorrow off work so that he could stay home with me & our two year old son, but on Friday he will need to go back & I can't help lettin my anxiety get to me a little when I think that Daniel could turn up at my house when Neil isnt here! but then I have to keep tellin myself that he wont, but having a grown man threaten you the way he has threatened me actually makes me sit & wonder what Natasha actually sees in him & why on this earth she would trust him ALONE with her son?!! All I can think is that she has obviously never witnessed this side of him yet... All my life I have had to deal with men like him? he's not even a man, he's a monster! & Natasha knows this! Part of me doesn't seem to think they will last much longer than a year, a rushed relationship never does. but good luck to them whilst it does. 
Natasha is alot more of a stronger person than myself, & part of me would like to think that if he ever started treatin her the way he treat me then she would chuck him out on his pathetic little benefit sponging arse for good. One can only hope I guess. 
I love Natasha & Bailey asif they were my own family & I treat them that way too, then she goes & chucks me into the gutter for him?!! mind boggling. I can only say that if he ever laid a finger on either Natasha or Bailey's head, because I could put money on it that he's capable,  I would not be responsible for my actions. He scares me so much that he makes me want to hurt him severely & permanently. :s 

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