Saturday, 13 April 2013

A-Z Challenge. B is for "Badly behaved toddler"

For the past few weeks now my two year old son Joel has really started to test my limits & I have really begun to understand & experience what people call the "terrible twos." Joel has always been a well behaved little lad, & then just recently he has slowly been turning into a little brat.. hitting, back chatting & just generally not doing as he is told. It doesn't help that out of me & my husband, i'm the soft one & Joel knows this so when I try to discipline him I just get laughed at & told "no!" so for my own sanity i've now had to really start "being cruel to be kind" (as much as it kills me doing it) 

Together me & husband have introduced the "naughty step" to Joel, he gets 3 chances to stop what he is doing & start being good otherwise its onto the naughty step for 2 minutes.. & even when that happens he makes me feel so guilty by crying & looking at me saying "Mamma, Diddy do" (mamma, what did daddy do") :/ but luckily my husband isn't such a push over & when he is at home with us I gladly let him take over because Joel doesn't seem to test his Daddy as much as me.

Now that Joel is getting older too he likes to spend abit of time playing his bedroom & watching dvds, which I personally think is a good thing, because it gives him abit of time to himself & some independence & also gives me 30 minutes of peace to pull myself together & work on my positive thinking so that I don't slip into a low mood :D 

I never realized just how much some days could be harder than others, but nevertheless I still absolutely love being a mum, it is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs in the world & one day I hope Joel understands everything that I do, I do for him because I love him & I want to keep him safe, happy & healthy. :) 

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