Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A-Z Challenge. C is for Cars & Coloring.

My Little Fruit Freak :) 

Today me & Joel spent the day at my mother in laws house. Once there Joel's nanna & grandad decided on building him a huge cardboard ramp from the left over box that had their new table & chairs in.. this of course, Joel absolutely loved. He spent a good chunk of the morning gathering all his cars together, lining them up on the sofa & then letting them roll down the ramp one by one, sometimes even two by two & watch them gather at the bottom were his nanna had made & placed a cardboard "barrier" so that the cars weren't constantly smashing into the pantry door. 

After a good hour of playing with his cars & his ramp he got bored then & decided that was enough of that & he wanted to to do drawing instead.. I have to say Joel is really into his drawing & coloring at the moment, especially when it involves him gettin to draw around other people's hands & his own feet :) so he then spent a decent hour with his nanna drawing around anything possible & coloring it in :D 

I think my son is going to grow up to be an artist ;) 
Thank you for reading, until next time.....X 

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