Saturday, 27 April 2013

A-Z Challenge. D is for Doss Days.

Today we have spent the day in our Pj's just chilling indoors. I have been feeling a little unwell & my son was also up at 6am (god knows why) so therefore he's been mr grumpy for a good chunk of the day.. & when things get like that there is no point going out anywhere to then have to to endure embarrassment because your son is throwing a million tantrums due to being tired, so instead we stayed home, snuggling up on the sofa watching cartoons all day & veggin' out! :D 

I managed to get Joel to take a nap around 12.30pm so I then proceeded to drag my duvet from my bedroom & onto my sofa & then I sat for a whole two hours just catching up on the soaps whilst Joel slept. (lazy cow)

Sometimes there is nothing better than just relaxing & doing jack, especially when your mood isn't exactly on top form. I don't always believe in "gettin up & doing something" someday's I just need time to just sit & process everything that is going off in my head... & there has been alot of late, so today I did that & this evening I do actually feel much better for it. :) 

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