Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A-Z Challenge. A is for Adventure.

Today we visited Hunmanby Gap beach. It wasn't amazing weather, but we all wrpped up well & nevertheless still had great fun. My son absolutely loved it - building sand mounds with his cousin & then them both pouncing on them & falling about laughing & then building them up to do it all over again! Playing football with his Daddy, & what I mean by this is, his Daddy kicking the ball to him & because it was a fly-away ball, it literally did fly away so his Daddy had to keep chasing it down the beach, which Joel did seem to find highly amusing :) He even had a dip in the sea, with his socks, shoes & pants on! (im so glad I took spare stuff) when the tide began to come in we then moved on to a mini games arcade where Joel got a little addicted to the 2p machines, but he did win himself two little plastic cars, which is more than me & his dad did PUT TOGETHER! :D before heading home we visited the park but by this point Joel was totally flaggin so we didn't stay to long, he had a few goes on the swings & slides & then he just wanted to be picked up & carried so this is when we all decided it was home time! All in all weve had a great day & Joel is now officially KO'd in bed.. if only ever bedtime could be that easy..X

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