Monday, 29 April 2013

Diary entry #2 Broken Tv

Dear Diary

Today has been a lovely day with Joel, he has been so well behaved but then this evening just before bedtime he totally ruined it for himself, by throwing something across the livingroom right in the path of the TV & cracking the TV screen in two places! Needless to say his dad was not impressed in the slightest when he came home from work & saw the TV! Joel's punishment was us removing his TV from his room for the evening so that we had a TV downstairs until our new ones arrives. something he quite loudly protested about! Lucky for Joel our new TV will be here tomorrow, Neil went online after tea this evening & reserved the TV in PC World that's he had his eye on for a few months now (thank the lord for credit cards) & his dad is driving down to PC World to collect it at some point tomorrow, so Joel's TV will be back in his room by the time he goes to bed tomorrow evening! Neil's payment for his dad collecting the TV is to help him with some painting on Thursday - this I HAVE to see ;) 

In the long run as naughty as it was of Joel, he actually did his dad a favor, Neil is now gettin the TV he wanted, even if that does mean his old one is now busted! LOL.

Asides from the TV disaster, today has been a fairly relaxed & positive day, my head is clear & I am feeling alot happier in myself tonight. Fingers crossed this continues because I love the good days.

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