Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Diary entry #3 "vlogging"

Dear diary 

Today I was encouraged by a friend to set up mine own vlog & share my story. this of course gave haters ammo to have a bitch! (silly immature people) apparently i'm a "copycat" I mean how pre-school can you get? i'm a 25 year old women with my OWN life, why on earth would I want to clone the life on some immature teenager that thinks she's sooo much better than everybody else, sheesh! 

anyways, so far I have posted two videos to my vlog & I am currently working on my third.. I am having to really think up some decent material for this one though as I just tended to completely waffle in my second video (hehe) I need to start writting down what I want to say  beforehand because as soon as I click "go" on the camera my mind totally blanks & the amount of times I say "erm" is laughable! 

Oh also, if you read my previous diary entry then I just want to let you all know that we now have a brand new TV & it's mega sexy ;) 


  1. oh dear - hope you're not discouraged ;) and glad you got a new telly! x

    1. I posted up my videos onto Twitter if you'd like to check them out? dont forget to subscribe to my youtube?! ;) x