Thursday, 11 April 2013

Hector Barbossa - The newest member to our family.

Introducing Mister Hector Barbossa!

This morning we got our new kitten Hector Barbossa! (Hector for short) He's absolutely beautiful & so so playful & loving.

Jack meets Hector :)

My older cat Jack sparrow who is 11 months old, isn't all to impressed with Hector at the moment, he's pretty much spent the whole of today sulking in his bed, & hissing at Hector if he gets to boisterous around him (old fart) :p

Entertaining himself..

Seen as Jack hasn't been interested in him for the most of today Hector has been busy familiarizing himself with the house & entertaining himself, along with lots of cuddles from me & my husband. I'm pleased to say tho, the cat scratch pole that I bought Jack when he was a kitten is finally getting some use! Hector seems to adore it & spent nearly an hour this afternoon trying to climb it & playing with the little attached ball. 

I am hoping that soon enough Jack & Hector will grow to be great friends. Fingers crossed :)

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