Thursday, 25 April 2013

Joel's Early Learning & Development Summary

Today I received Joel's Early Learning & Development Summary from Nursery & I am one very proud Mamma :) 

Self Confidence & Self awareness: 
Joel can communicate with his carers to express his preferences & interests through pointing or making noises. He loves playing with trains, especially Thomas the tank ones. Joel also enjoys messy activities such as painting & playing in the sand. 

Managing Feelings & Behavior: 
Joel understands the difference between what belongs to him & what we share at nursery. Joel needs encouragement from his carers to help with routines such as "tidy up time". 

Making Relationships: 
Joel has gained relationships with his carers in the toddlers room. He will play co-operatively with adults, especially rolling Thomas trains back & forth. Joel is beginning to build relationships with his peers, playing alongside them, he also enjoys playing by himself. 

Moving & Handling: 
Joel loves being outdoors at Nursery, especially playing in the mud or water. Joel is very steady on his feet & is confident at climbing for example the steps up the slide. Joel is beginning to show more control when using mark making tools, he loves getting messy. 

Health & Self Care:
Joel enjoys using a fork to feed himself at meal times. He still uses a feeder cup however we are introducing him to holding a cup with both hands & not spilling. Joel needs guidance from carers to put his coat on for outdoor plat but Joel has recently started attempting to put on his own slippers & shoes. 

Playing & Exploring: 
Joel can show particular interest & spends his time at Nursery with toys that interest him. In most cases this is the trains. Joel enjoys role-play activities he often spends long periods of time laying with the pretend food. Joel takes part in new activities. If it is something that does not interest him he will go off & find himself something else to do. 

Active Learning: 
Joel can maintain focus for short periods of time when he is engaging in something of interest to him. If challenges occur during play Joel will find something else to do rather than persisting with the activity. If Joel does something he is proud of he will seek praise from his carers by saying "yeh" or clapping his hands. 

Creating & Thinking Critically: 
Joel can bring his own ideas to activities e.g if messy play is available Joel will bring trains from the toddler room to make marks in paint/shaving foam etc. Joel is often solving simple problems, he enjoys completely pulling out jigsaws & can spend long periods of time putting a train track together. 


  1. Gordon Bennett, you typed all that up!? I'd have taken a photo - I'm definitely more lazy than you! :D
    Well done on an excellent report :)

  2. Haha yeah I did, I actually didn't think to take a photo! :s LOL x