Saturday, 6 April 2013

Killing the Cabin Fever.

Yesterday was the first time in around 4 & half weeks that I left the house with my son & went into town on my own!! :) i'm actually really proud of myself, I was nearly hyperventilating on the bus going into town but soon as we got off the bus & I started walking, my anxiety seem to settle. I had to go into town as I was going for an eye test. When I saw the optician he told me that he'd gotten the results from the consultant I had seen for Glaucoma & he was pleased to tell me that there wasn't any signs of Glaucoma in either of my eyes! :) but he did tell me that I have an Astigmatism in both my eyes, basically when i'm concentrating, tired etc the Astigmatism causes my eyeballs to wobble & blurs my vision.. I do have days were my vision is better than others but the optician told me that my vision won't ever be 100% I have now been prescribed with a stronger lense & should be able to collect my new specs any day after Wednesday! 

After we had finished in the opticians I took my son for a walk around town, I let him get out of his pram & explore - burn some energy. He found the pigeons most exciting, especially when they'd fly away, he'd squeal with excitement & shout "ohh didgeon" :') We spend around 2 hours in town & needless to say when I got home I felt great. Proper proud of myself for going out, usually I would of cancelled my eye appointment & rearranged it so that I didnt have to go out but instead I fought the anxiety & did what needed to be done.


  1. Well done hon. I know how hard that must have been, and I also know the sense of accomplishment that comes with beating it. Keep it up :)