Monday, 22 April 2013

#SHAVEDAY extras :)

Shave day part 1.

Shave day part 2.

I am utterly overwhelmed by all the support that I have received today for successfully completing my shave! thank you all so much :) it really does mean the world to me & it has truly shown me that not all people out there are up their own ass' & only tend to care about the attention surrounding themselves. I am so happy this evening & it's all thanks to you guys so once again thank you all so much.  

Moving on... I have spent all evening trying to find a way that I could share my shave day video with you all & this seems to be the only way that I can do it! & beware, it's a rather long video, therefore it was too large for me to upload straight onto Youtube or Facebook. 

ANYWAYS..... I have had to split the video into two parts but it's on here now, HURRAY! so I hope you all enjoy & feel free to leave your comments. 
Thanks for watching :) 

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