Thursday, 18 April 2013

Sickness bug.

The worst thing any mother can experience is having to see their chid(ren) ill & there being nothing much that they can do about it. 

My son contracted a diarrhea & sickness bug on Monday, well he started off with just the runs & a temperature, then on Tuesday he seemed to pick up, but on Wednesday he became very clingy & at tea time the vomiting started.

Today is Thursday & I am hoping that the bug is on it's last legs now, after endin up spending the night in my son's bed at 1.30am this morning with him & a bucket whilst he spent a solid hour vomiting!:( luckily he seemed to stop around 2.45am & we did manage to get a few hours sleep but then at 5am his bottom exploded so I put him in the bath with me, (I really needed to freshen up) & after his bath he seemed to perk up a little, & then started charging around his bedroom whilst I was trying to put fresh pj's on him & what happened, he vomited AGAIN! :s thankfully there wasn't much there & he hasn't been sick since & has actually managed to keep two slices of toast down for the entire morning! he seems a little happier in himself this afternoon but still looks rather pale & wiped out. 

It's hard to judge a sickness bug when it's little ones, my son is 2 & one minute he can be up & the next he can be down, so I guess all I can really do is make sure he has lots of TLC, calpol & juice until he is feeling better. Fingers crossed it won't last much longer tho because I'm not sure how much more my washing machine can take of having to wash vomited on bedding & other items! :s  #YAK

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