Thursday, 25 April 2013

Some people need to realize that not EVERYTHING is about them.

Getting a few things off my chest:

I'm actually really insulted that some stuck up little teenager (that I used to class as a very good friend until I saw what a two faced little snob she was) is spitting her dumy out & pasting it all over her Facebook & blog that i'm copying all her ideas! :s she needs to get herself a reality check. BIG TIME because that's the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. 

The one & ONLY reason this person has her blog is because I began sharing my updates on my Facebook, (I have been blogging since October last year when my depression got really bad I used my blog as a diary for somewhere to go & write down my feelings) & I can only think that she saw these updates of mine & decided to create a blog of her own, which hey I could handle i'm not the only person to have ever created a blog & I was actually quite interested to see what her blog was all about. but then for some reason she started private messaging me on Facebook & accusing me of cloning her blog, apparently your not allowed to write on your own blog & post the same time she has because that makes you a copycat. :s anyways I shrugged it off & ignored her & I proceeded to create my own Blog Page for my Facebook were I could promote my blog & spread awareness to help other people with depression.. I set my page up in March, then low & behold her "vlogging & depression awareness" page appeared exactly one month after i'd set mine uo & she started messaging me asking how I jazzed my blog up because he was plain & boring so being the nice person that I am I told her, I didn't for one second think she'd go & copy me... 

so really I just want to put the record straight here, I haven't set up my blog & facebook page to "copy" anybody - (you can tell she's only 17, she's proper immature! I mean what sort of person calls you a copycat? that's the sort of term i'd of used in junior school.) My blog is all my OWN experiences, thoughts & feelings, I spend all my spare time putting my whole heart & sole into my blog & I do not appreciate some little child accusing all my hard work to be hers! This person is so competitive it's unreal, all she cares about is getting "likes" for her page whereas I don't, I appreciate the likes but its not my main focus, all my work on my page & the words that I use come from my heart, she just copies & pastes quotes from Google, very unique :/ 
My Blog & my Facebook page is all about ME & how I cope with MY depression, after-all how on earth can a person experiences somebody else' life? that's just utterly stupid & major jealousy talking on her part.

Then because I messaged her & told her a few home truths & told her to get a grip & stop LYING & leave me alone, I had people messaging me tellin me to stop bullying her.. doing her dirty work I guess! this girl being a person who apparently "sticks up for herself" LOL. 

I always knew she was abit up her own arse but jesus, she's so full of herself, she thinks because she suffers with abit of depression she can set up a Facebook page & save the world. her page truly insults me because it's like she taking the piss out of people who suffer depression.. "coe to me & i'll cure you" WTF?!! all I can say is for somebody who does suffer depression she's very open about everything, personally, I think she just milks everything for all it's worth, see how much attention she can accumulate because clearly she constantly craves it. 
Nobody cares about her moving house or what she feeds her child, its all just a ploy for a attention & its very immature & sad, if she was a proper adult she wouldn't be spreading the lies she has about me & she'd just get on with her life without having to involve other people.
all I can say to her is, let me see it e said again that i'm "copying her" & I will then show her what a REAL copycat is... STUPID LITTLE GIRL. 

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