Monday, 8 April 2013

Taking that Leap...

Today I woke up feeling lower than low. I didn't want to get out of bed & I didn't have any energy, nor did I want to do anything, I just wanted to just lie there & feel sorry for myself. 

Then for some reason my counciller's voice (Mary) popped into my head, & she was tellin me what she had told me at my session a few weeks back, "you've got to take that leap or you will be waiting all day for your motivation to kick in, & sometimes it might never come, so you've just got to jump straight from low mood to action" so I then managed to kick myself up the backside & drag myself out of bed.. Once I did that everything else just followed, I made my son's breakfast, cleaned the livingroom & kitchen, then my son wanted to get dressed & go & play outside in the garden, so I got him & myself dressed & plodded out into the garden. at first I jut sat on one of the garden chairs watching Joel play with his sand, then he wanted me to join in, so I  did & I have to admit I had great fun. Altogether, me & Joel spent 2 hours in the garden today having lots of fun together & this evening I feel great for it & my low mood has faded. This may sound ridiculous to some, but I know I can always count on my son to help lift my terrible low moods! He makes my days worth living. :) 

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  1. You have a great garden! Mine is overlooked by the pavement all along it's length, so I can't leave my children out there alone. I'm glad yo managed to jump up and do it, clearly your son had an excellent time playing outside :)