Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Vlog Introduction.

So last-night I got talking to a very good friend of mine who is the filming business & he was saying to me that from reading my blog he thinks that I was do very well if I created a "Vlog"  I got thinking about this & although I will probably more than likely being accused of "copying" other people, at the end of the day they weren't the first ones to even create a vlog & I think that if its going to work then it is something else that I can put my heart into :) 

Below I have included the Introduction Vlog video that I made. I posted it up onto Facebook this morning so now it's just a case of wait & see what people think. 

I would appreciate any feedback (positive) from you guys, & maybe any ideas & suggestions for future videos, stuff you'd like to see etc. 
That's is all for now but make sure you stay tuned for more from me & my Vlogging world :)

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