Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dairy Post #12 - The Liebster Award.

Dear Diary.. 

I am so very pleased & grateful to announce that I have been nominated by Cut My Milk for the Liebster Award. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH :D I have never been nominated for anything, EVER in my life! so this is rather exciting for me (I feel like it's Christmas) 
I am also fairly new to the blogging world, 7 months to be exact & I am hoping that this would be a positive way for me to get my blog out there & possibly gain some new followers, without making myself look like I am totally begging for the attention! ;) 

The Rules...

1) List 11 facts about yourself. Done!
2) Answer the 11 questions given to you. Done!
3) Ask 11 new questions to the bloggers you nominate. Done!
4) Choose 11 bloggers (with 200 or less followers) to nominate. Done!
5) Visit each bloggers page & tell them about the nomination. Done!
6) Thank the person who nominated you & link back to them. Done!
7) No track backs.. I think. Done!

11 Facts about me. 

1) I was born in a little town in Barrow in Furness. point..? NOBODY has a clue were Barrow in Furness even is! ;) (I can so hear you thinking, where the fuck is that!) 

2) I was accidentally locked in a store cupboard by one of my teachers when I was in Primary School (only for a matter of 5 minutes) but I was 7 years old & it terrified me, & as a result, ever since then I have always had a mild fear of being in the dark...alone! 

3) My star sign in Libra.. 

4) Since being a kid I have always wanted a pet tarantula or a corn snake, but my husband has a fear of snakes & spiders. (oops) 

5) I am not too keen on ants or any creepy crawlies that fly. 

6) I love to steal my 2 year old son's coloring books & color all the pictures to relax myself of an evening once he has gone to bed, but then I have the job of trying to replace them as soon as possible before he notices. 

7) I would love to get my tongue pierced but I don't have the balls. 

8) I hoard food... I buy it because I "fancy it" at the time & then it spends days - sometimes weeks in my cupboard before I actually get around to eating it. (that is of course if it hasn't expired) 

9) I am totally fascinated by hands. 

10) If I was allowed I would live in a Zoo! I love animals far to much.. especially my two kitty cats :) 

11) I cannot stand football.. I just don't see the "thrill" it's guys kicking a ball around a field, i'd get my fun out of watching paint dry. 

11 answers to Cut My Milk's 11 questions. 

1) What piece of advise would you give to your 18 year old self? 
The advice I would give is, not to drink Vodka.. it doesn't agree with your body & spending the night in your friends bathroom isn't a great way of spending time with your friends.. 

2) What would you change about yourself? 
This one is a tough one because when I sit down & think there actually is a few things I would change about myself, but the one that stands out most has to be that "I need to learn to let go of things that aren't worth my time" 

3) What is your favorite smell?
Truth? I like the smell of a few things, Petrol, wet Tarmac & gas! - I sound like such a stoner. but honestly i'm not! :D 

4) What is your earliest memory? 
It has to be when I was a baby... I think I may have been around 1 years old & I was in a grey double buggy with my twin going down the street.. that's all I remember, so interesting right?! o.O

5) What is the best thing about where you live? 
I HAVE A GARDEN! Previously we lived in a pokey flat for 5 years & it sucked big time! now I have a lovely garden that I can go & sit in & enjoy the fresh air. 

6) If you could go back in time, were & when would you go? 
I would go back to the days when I was in school (9 years ago) & the only responsibilities I had was worrying about homework!

7) What is the one thing you couldn't live without? 
An internet connection.. 

8) Why do you blog? 
I originally started to blog just so that I had somewhere that I could vent/write my feelings down when I had a bad day... now I blog because I have had so much positive feedback on my blog that I want to put some positive into it instead of just negative posts. if that makes sense? 

9) What are you frightened of? 
The Dark.. (mildly) & losing the people I love & care for the most. 

10) What is your favorite Movie? 
There is a few movies that I thoroughly enjoy, but my favorite has got to be; ET! :) 

11) Do you have any pet hates? 
people using the F word in every sentence.. 

11 Awesome Bloggers I nominate & URGE you to check out. 

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OK fellow bloggers. Let the games begin: 

1) What is your favorite flower? 

2) What is your star sign? 

3) How many animals/children do you have? 

4) You've won a ticket to travel & visit 6 of your most favorite countries, what are they & why? 

5) if you could travel back in time where would you go & why? 

6) How much time do you spend on the internet a week? 

7) Shoes or Boots? 

8) How old are you? 

9) Favorite sandwich? 

10) What blog(s) do you stalk daily & what is so interesting about them? 

11) Why do you blog? 

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