Saturday, 18 May 2013

Diary Entry #11 NO MORE DUMMIES! :D

Dear Diary.. 

Well today I would like to start with YEY! :) my son has now officially been off his dummies for 3 weeks!! goodbye dummies  I shall not miss thee! The best part is, he did it all on his own & I am so proud. 

I am not one of these mothers that has to rush their child into doing something just because other kids their age are doing it, for example; my son is nearly 3 & is not in the slightest bit ready for being potty training, yes he will sit on the potty when you ask him too, but he won't always do something on it, (unless he is bribed with sweeties ofcourse) but am I worried or bothered in the slightest? NO! because I see things as, he will do it all in his own time, exactly like he did with giving up his dummies! why take them off him & stress him out just to please yourself, because you're sure as hell not pleasing your child! 

Joel giving up his dummies just kinda happened - literally. I was getting him ready for bed one night & I asked him to go & get himself a dummy from the freezer, so he trotted off to the freezer, opened it, took one look at the dummies then closed the freezer door & said "no dummy no" & that was that, he hasn't been to bed with a dummy since! even when he came down with a sickness bug & I actually thought he might have wanted one then but he didn't.

So as a reward for being that one step closer to becoming a "big boy" me & my husband treat Joel today, we took him to the toy shop & let him pick something new! £50 later, we walked out of the store with a Thomas the tank engine playset which he has been totally glued to since we got home! Needless to say once bedtime rolled round we then we had to endure a little tantrum but we told him thomas would be waiting for him when he woke up in the morning & the tears soon subsided. 

All in all today has been a lovely day, I do love spending the weekend with my boys it cheers me right up! :) Mood this evening, happy, relaxed & positive. 

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