Thursday, 2 May 2013

Diary entry #5 Not such a good morning.

Dear Diary. 

This morning I woke up in the foulest of moods, I have no clue as to why but there you go, depression can sometimes be like a rubix cube, hard to work out. my feelings; I just wanted to rip the nearest persons head off, I felt hugely sensitive & annoyed by everything. 

THANKFULLY this mood didn't last all day, my son managed to sort that, as always :) just watching him play with his cars & sing along to his favorite tv programmes brightened my mood just that little bit more.. but it was still there I could feel it, I was trying to defrost something in the microwave & even that was pissing me the hell off, I couldn't get the microwave to start & all I wanted to do was throw the damn thing out of the window! turns out I was pressing all the wrong buttons! 

After lunch my son went to nursery & I headed over to my mother in laws house, I just thought staying in all day is not the answer, it would just make me 100x worse, so I spent the afternoon with my in laws & my husband, lounging in the garden in the sun, sipping orange juice & watching my husband paint his dads shed, & guess what, my mood eventually started to completely leave my system! I figured, I wasn't being stressed by having to do things at home & because I was able to just sit & relax it helped me to feel ALOT better. 

This evening as I write this my mood is once again on the good side.. I am trying so hard each day to not succumb when the low moods start, & I think I can happily say that today, 

I WON. :) 

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