Friday, 3 May 2013

Diary entry #6 Gardening.

Dear Diary

So today me & my son spent the morning in the garden. Originally I just planned to cut the grass but then when I saw how bad the weeds had got I decided to do them too!altogether me & Joel spend 2 hours in the garden, we had a lovely time, he'd pick up the dandelions one by one, smell then & then throw them away. this proceeded to go on for about an hour & then I got the Lawn Mower out & then I had myself one very obsessed child, he kept saying to me "my go?" & then when i'd let him push it along the grass with me he'd get all giddy & start squealing with excitement! :)

Needless to say not much has happened today but it has been a rather good day indeed. I hope to engross you all with a much longer post tomorrow but I am totally shattered this evening & truly struggling to keep my eyes open writing this! :o so I am very sorry that it is only a short post & I promise you all a more exciting one tomorrow.

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