Sunday, 12 May 2013

Diary Entry #8 an afternoon spent with my boys.

Dear Diary

Today I woke up in a terrible mood! infact for the past couple of days I have been in this nasty mood that I have just been unable to shift. so in hope of helping me my husband decided that we needed to get out of the house & planned a trip out as a treat as a family. :)

We went down to Xscape in Glasshoughton (West Yorkshire) for the afternoon, we arrived around lunch time & my husband insisted on me picking were we would all dine for Lunch, I chose TGI Fridays! once there we ordered our food & had a lovely time just us! (I ordered a full rack of Ribs as did my husband & our son had a jumbo hotdog meal from the kids menu) we finished our mains & pudding we took our son over to the soft play centre so that he could burn off some of his energy! ;) He loved it. & he also learnt to come down one of the BIG slides all by himself after alot of coaxing from myself & his daddy.

All in all it has most definitely been a lovely day & I am now sat here MOOD FREE :) Our son is snoring in bed & I am just about to sit down with a Hot Chocolate & relax for the evening.. X

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