Monday, 27 May 2013

Diary Post # 14. Feeling good feels great :)

Dear Diary.. 

I realize that I haven't posted in a few days & I am not actually sure if that is a good thing or not? I am thinking that it's a good thing because I am not letting my bad days get to me therefore I am not needing to write my feelings down to process them, & on the other hand I feel that it's bad I haven't posted because I don't want anybody following my blog to think that I have jumped ship & left ;) so I thought I would come & say hello to you all & give you all an update on whats going on in my world.  

Night Terrors; 
Joel hasn't had a night terror now for the past 2 nights.. although he has again decided that he won't got to bed without a dummy! we did manage to get him off dummies completely for nearly a month & then it's like this whole "night terror" business has set him back.. so yeah, he's back to having dummies at bedtime again now, BUT all is not doomed. Me & my husband have decided that he is allowed a dummy up until Christmas & then after that all of his dummies go to santa in exchage for an extra present ;) 

Life in General; 
I have now officially stopped my counseling sessions & I am very proud of myself that I am now challenging things alone (well, not alone I have my family & friends but you get my drift) my last session was quite emotional as in one sense I didn't want to stop the sessions as I was a little scared about not having them there! but my councillor reassured me that I have her number & if I ever need her again she is only a text/phone call away, which helped alot :) 
altogether I feel that I am much more stable these days, I have people in my life that I know I can trust & those that I couldn't I got rid of! I have also taken a slight step back when it comes to social networking sites too as I have come to notice that I get FAR to emotionally involved in everything & since I have done that I don't seem to have half as many low days because I am not letting petty people's opinions of me get me down.. :) 

I guess all that is left to say is that; Feeling good feels great.

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