Monday, 6 May 2013

Lotherton hall.

Burnt to a crisp, attempting my best Lobster impression ;) 

Dear Diary.

Today has been one of the best days that I have had in a very long time. Today I went out for the day with my husband, our son & his family, we went to Lotherton Hall. 

We arrived late morning & because the prices of gettin into Lotherton Hall these days is crazy (£4 per person, per car) my father in law decided to park up in a secluded spot & we all took a nice long walk to the entrance of Lotherton Hall itself, it was a lovely walk, Joel loved it, I have never seen him so adventurous & excited, running alongside his nanna, granda & their dogs! meanwhile me & my husband trailed behind enjoying the fresh air & walked along hand in hand (something we haven't done for a while) 

Once we arrived we all sat down on the grass & ate our picnic lunch, but Joel wasn't interested in sitting down & eating though, we managed to get him to have a few bites of a banana, a quarter of a cheese sarnie & some juice, all he keep saying was "you, you, you, moo" (you, you, you move) as in get up, I want to go! 

Once inside Lotherton hall we visited the bird garden & then went over to the park with Joel,  he saw the park as we were coming in so all round the bird garden he kept saying "Pak mamma pease" eventually he got his own way & off to the park he went! after the park we all sat on the grass eating ice cream & then we took the walk back to the car! Joel was shattered & went in his pram on the way back, we hoped he'd sleep but he didnt! he was far to interested in what was going on around him! 

Altogether I have had a beautiful day with my family & asides from being burnt to a crisps & rather sore this evening I am feeling very very happy :) 

Today was a very good day. 

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