Monday, 17 June 2013

Diary Entry #20 + A-Z Challenege, G is for Grief! *Bit of a Rant*

I used to be best friends with a lass that I met on one of my post natal depression courses last year, we really clicked & at one point we was inseparable! we did everything together & was practically with each other everyday & then one night in October last year we decided to go on a night out (she was single) & she met this bloke & they hit it off! I then began to see less & less of her & at first it didn't bother me because when we did meet up we had a good time, but then I began to notice that whenever we did met, we'd never got ANY time just us & our boys because he was like this little puppy wrapped around her legs 24-7! he had to be everywhere that she was!
To cut a long story short he slowly but surely made it clear that he didn't like me! & he started being really vulgar towards me, I could only take so much & in the end I told my mate that if he was going to carry on being so horrid towards me & wasnt going to have words, I couldn't be her friend anymore, her reply.... "that's your decision" then a few weeks later, he text me asking for some pjs that my mate had left at mine of her son's the last time she was here & because I told him she can collect them herself, he went all mental on me & threatened to call child protection on me & have my son taken from my care & then he threatened to come to my house & "sort me out" this of course scared the crap out of me & I changed my number.
I haven't heard anything from either of them since March/April time after changin my number & I have began to get on with my life but then yesterday I received a message from her on facebook asking if I wanted to go to her son's birthday party today.... IS SHE FOR FUCKING REAL? I have of course replied to her message as nice as possible & declined the invite (my hubby doesnt want our son anywhere near her fella & neither do I) but has she bothered to reply whatsoever since sending her message? has she bollocks, she just barges back into my life & dumps somethin like that on me & then ignores ALL my messages. i'm fucking fuming right now in all fairness & feel like I have taken 5 steps forward & 20 steps back.. 

I am sorry for the negativity on this one guys.

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