Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Diary post #15 Viral Infection.

Dear Diary.. 

Hey so I thought I would do some catching up. Today is Tuesday & what a "FUN" weekend we have had. On Friday night Joel started with what we thought was a D+S bug, his second one of the year.. & needless to say I was abit gutted for him because we were planning on him having a sleepover at his nanna & grandads on Saturday, Joel of course must have known this because even though he had spend 2-3 hours vomiting early hours of Saturday, come Lunch time he was charging around & looking his usual self again. So we decided that he seemed fit enough to still go to his nanna & grandad for his sleepover after all.


All afternoon he was fine, he went on a long walk, played in the park & fed the wild birds in Nanna's garden, & after a long hot bath & a bedtime story from nanna he went to sleep but then at Midnight she heard him vomiting :( I of course didn't know about this until the following day because she didnt call us up because she didn't want us to worry, & when my husband rang me from work Sunday morning to say he'd had a rough night I half expected to find him laid on the sofa looking like death when I got to my mother in laws, but instead he was stood at the kitchen window with his nanna waving at me as I came in the gate & once I had gotten in the house he was running around like a loony & playing with his toys.

 Again he seemed fine so I took him home & bathed him & then we went across the road to our next door neighbors, little girls 4th birthday party. all afternoon he was fine, he was eating & playing with the other kids & come bedtime he was exhausted & she as anything ready to sleep.... & then it happened again, at 5am Monday morning Joel started to be sick, byt this point I was totally baffled as to why he was perfectly fine during the day but vomiting of a night, so yesterday I took him to the doctors just for him to say, "Joel has a viral infection that affects him most of a night" NO SHIT SHERLOCK. All yesterday he was fine, it was  lovely day & with him being just a little bit fed up I decided on getting his paddling pool out & letting him have his evening bath in the garden, & with him having a sore bottom from having a poorly tummy, he absolutely loved it!! :)

THANKFULLY, last night was our first night since Thursday that we have had a whole night in which Joel hasn't woken up vomiting. He did wake at 5am this morning, but I think that is simply because his sleeping pattern has been messed around with a little from him being ill. Fingers crossed we can now say that Joel is over the worst & on the road to recovery because I know I sure as hell HATE seeing my little fella unwell, it's truly heartbreaking.

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