Friday, 7 June 2013

Diary post #16. *Sunshine & Positive Moods* :D


Dear Diary.. 

Firstly I just want to say how AMAZING this weather is at the moment.. Glorious sunshine! Which is also a massive bonus when it comes to my moods, because I definitely believe that the weather can affect your mood & for the past few days my mood has been great! :) I think it also helps that Joel is now over his illness & is alot more happier, which makes me alot happier!

Today we spend most of the afternoon over in my neighbors garden & Joel spend time playing with his friend Michaela (who is 16 months older than Joel) but they are very good friends, & I think overall Joel playing with children slightly older than him is bringing on his speech so much better too! (another bonus) Joel was totally obsessed with Michaela's trampoline, it was an 8ft one & he loved it, he spend a whole hour & half bouncing on it & running round in circles! - which explains why he totally crashed out in his granddad's car coming home from shopping, he woke up around 7.30pm & asked for his tv on & by half 8 he was out for the count again :) 

Later this evening my mother in law dropped round with a night light for us to put in Joel's room to help him with his night terrors which he is still suffering from! & so far all is good & he seems to be sleeping rather peacefully, it will actually be later on in the night that we will see for sure how well he does actually sleep so I will of course update again on how the whole "night light" phase pans out.. fingers crossed all is good. :) 

I think I can safely say since Tuesday the week has been a good one & I am looking forward to seeing what the weekend brings. 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend & I shall of course update again soon. 
until next time bloggers :) Xxx


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