Monday, 10 June 2013

Diary Post #18 New Swimming Pool :)

Dear Diary.. 

So today we had lots of fun in Joel's new swimming pool. I say swimming pool, because its much bigger than a "paddling pool" even I managed to fit my huge mamma sized butt in it & have a splash around! :) 

Before we got to have fun though I had to inflate the damn thing & fill it with water.. At first I attempted to blow it up with a hand pump, but after 45 minutes of that I didn't seem to be getting anywhere so I borrowed my neighbors electric pump & what d'ya know the pool was fully inflated in no time at all. I don't own a hose either, so altogether it took me 45 minutes of going backwards forwards between the garden & kitchen with buckets of water to fill the pool up!  :/ 

so by lunch time the pool was finally read to go! Joel spent a full afternoon in his brand new pool & loved every second, it truly was worth every penny, as at first I was abit doubtful because it didn't look all that big but it wasn't until I was sat in it myself that the size of it really shone! I was able to lie down full stretch & there was still tones of room (& I am not exactly a spring chicken) 

below I have added some photo's of Joel enjoying his pool! I hope you also enjoy them! 
until next time bloggers.. keep smiling :) 



  1. Lovely pictures the pool is cool we had something similar as kids but wider even went in it when we were teens plus in my sisters mates there great fun :) x

  2. I think your a fab mum I also no what it's like to live with depression / meds sometimes that's why I have to get to the gym / classes now stimulate yaself Joel is coming on brilliant your doing a fab job