Friday, 14 June 2013

Diary Post #19. Celebrations.

Dear Diary...

This evening I have been celebrating my 5th wedding anniversary with my husband.  
We had a lovely evening, at around 6pm my mother in law came round to babysit our son Joel, & then my father in law drove me & my husband to our usual anniversary spot, PIZZA HUT! this may sound lame to some, but to us it's romantic because it is something that we have done every year. 

I have been looking forward to this evening all week, because as much as I love doing things as a family & having "Mummy & Daddy" time, it is also important to still have "Husband & Wife" time, & this we only get to do a few times a year, & our wedding anniversary is one of them. 

I remember thinking on our first wedding anniversary that our 5th was yonks away, where in the hell did them years go? I really don't know how my husband Neil has put up with me over the years, but in all honesty, I am so grateful to him for never giving up on me. For putting up with my low moods, suicidal thoughts, my "taking everything out on him" & worse.. He truly is my ROCK, & I love him to the moon & back. I can so see us celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary together, each day my love for him gets stronger!! He's not just my partner, he's my lover, my best friend & my soul mate (cheesy but true!) he is also a dedicated & devoting daddy to Joel :) & everyday I feel so lucky & blessed to have such an amazing & patient person in my life, because I truly believe that if he was anybody else, he'd of upped & left me years ago!

Who needs alcohol? this evening I am well & truly drunk on love for my man! :) 

Thank you for reading, 
until next time bloggers...X

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