Friday, 28 June 2013

Diary Post #22 *Wacky Week*

Dear Diary, 

So I think that it is safe to say that this week has been quite a roller-coaster for me... 

Monday: My mum visited Kendal Hospital in Cumbria (UK) to have a Anginogram on her heart. This is were they make an incision in her groin & feed a tube up through her main artery & into her heart & then feed dye through the tube! Needless to say I was on pins about that, but thankfully everything went well & she is now back home recovering, but because I was so nervous about it, it affected my mood & me & my hubs ending up having a massive argument, resulting in me screaming & shouting to release the build-up!  :( 
Then if that wasn't bad enough my hubs decided to take a walk to the shops so that I could clear my head & be alone for a while, but on his way there he noticed a black & white cat in the road.. I then received a phone call from him asking if our Cat Jack was home, he wasn't, to which I then completely panicked & freaked out thinking the worse.. so after gettin my neighbor to come over & sit in my house, I had to go & identify the body of the black & white cat.. thank goodness it wasn't Jack, I was so relieved that passers must of thought it was my cat becuase I totally broke down, I was honestly preparing myself to see my cat dead in the road. After I had pulled myself together, I then picked up the poor kitty & laid him in the hedge out of harms way, somebody who lived round that area told us that they would call someone & deal with the kitty, so there was nothing more for us to do other then go home. 

Tuesday: I woke up & I just couldn't get that poor kitty out of my head (I still can't) I took my son to nursery & then met my hubs for lunch at the cafe over the road from were the kitty was hit the night before & when I reach the cafe & subconsciously looked over to were I had placed the kitty I was gob-smacked at what I saw... if seeing a kitty knocked down & killed the night before was haunting enough, the poor thing was still laid were I left it after somebody had said they would sort it. so I couldn't help mysef, after I had my Lunch with my hubs, I did my good deed for the day, & took the poor kitty down to the vet in a cardboard box to see if they could maybe check if he had a microchip & maybe a family out there somewhere lookin for him? The fact that he was covered up & then just left by the roadside completely brok my heart :( 
When I was putting the kitty into the box ready for taking him to the vets, I spoke to the women that covered the cat up, (she came out of her house when she saw me) & she said that she didn't know what else to do & then she said i'm braver than her for dealin with it. So out of anger, I said to her "what would you rather if it was YOUR cat? For it to be left dead in the roadside or taken to a vet where they can give him the last bit of dignity & respect that he deserves!" Then I closed the box & walked off... I was so angry!
Fair enough there is no law saying that you can't leave a cat in the roadside if it is killed, but that doesn't mean you SHOULD!!! well, at least now my conscience was clear..

Wednesday: Again I woke up thinking of the poor kitty, so I called up the vet that I had taken him & the very nice veterinary nurse told me that the kitty was a boy cat, (estimated age, 2-3) but unfortunately he didn't have a chip in place so there is nothing that they can do about tracing his family. He will now stay at the vets in their mortuary for the next week & if nobody comes forward he'll just go for cremation. The veterinary nurse thanked me for having the heart to take the poor kitty in to them, she even said herself, the driver of the car that hit him shouldn't of just left him! 
I am now really hoping that if the kitty does have a family, they come forward & get to say their goodbyes before he goes for cremation. 

Thursday: I had a much needed talk with my mother in law & I now feel better knowing that I did the right thing for that kitty, I honestly think that if I was as ignorant as others, then he'd still be laid dead in that hedge today... 4 days after being killed. Me & my hubs have gotten over my "blow out" on Monday... who'd of thought the death of a cat that wasn't even ours would bring us together again?

Friday: Today, asides from suffering with Tummy Cramps & being unable to keep awake I am feeling much better in myself. I don't know but maybe I needed that blow out on Monday? maybe it's a good thing to get things off your chest now & then? Either way, I know that I have a strong & supportive family & bunch of friends behind me that will come to my rescue whenever I need them. 

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