Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A-Z Challenge - H is for Hot days.

Dear Diary...

On Sunday I was telling you about how I was seeing a friend on Monday that I hadn't seen for 8 months.. Well, she came to my house! & at first it was a little "awkward" but then seeing our boys play together like they'd never been apart & her telling me what a total waste of skin her shit face ex was & me being able to finally stop holding my tongue kinda broke the ice ;) 

We are now taking our friendship day by day but we have promised to start seeing more of each other. Whether that happens is still to be seen but I am sure it will now that she has kicked that control freak to the curb & got her life back!! I am just so glad my husband was with me when I saw her because he proper told her what for, he actually slapped her (not hard) then hugged her! & within an hour it was like the last 8 months hadn't happened. 

It was also totally amazing to see our boys play together, they were so happy to see each other, at first they were abit, "oh gosh who are you?" but then they were totally fine! & they spent the entire afternoon, laughing, screaming & being devilish toddlers! :') 

whether some people like it or not & i've had a few say, "oh she wont change she'll do it again" I believe in second chances & I that why should I sit being "bitter" when I can be "better" & enjoy life! Natasha knows how much she hurt me & we had a very long talk, & I have told her that if she ever hurts me like that again I will close the door on her & nail it shut so she can't get back in, because she didn't just stop our friendship, she took Joel's & Bailey's away from them too, but I am glad that she has now opened her eyes & seen what a total plonker she has been. 
Next time, I'm the one picking her boyfriend ;) 

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