Sunday, 21 July 2013

A-Z Challenge. J is for "Joel"

Dear Diary.. 

Me & my boys have thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 & half weeks of sun - I hope it continues, but today our little person (Joel) has come down with what I can only assume to be a "summer cold" & possibly even Hayfever? it all started Saturday night. He went to bed absolutely fine after a fun-filled day playing in his swimming pool with daddy & having lots of fun, but then at around 10pm he started to cough & choke in his sleep! this of course called for Calpol & plenty of juice! 

Today Joel has been very clingy & he's got a puffy face, runny eyes, runny nose & a cough :( so needless to say, today has been filled with cuddles & lots of TLC. already this evening he has woke up in a state of tears & hysterics due to not being able to breathe properly, so I think it may be a long night for myself & the hubs! & if there is no improvement in Joel by the morning I think a doctors appointment might be on the cards. 

I do however have some Kids Piriton in the house from when he had Chicken Pox, so if he stirs again tonight, I may try him with some of that & see if that helps to settle him at all.. 

Hopefully we all get some sleep, but if not I am not bothered, Joel is all that matters to me, so if that means I end up being a sleep deprived Mamma, then so be it. 

I shall keep everybody updated on Joel. 
Thank you for reading, until next time. Xxxx

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