Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Diary Post #24. *Savoring Every Moment.*

Here are 15 Moments that I Savor Every Day.
What are yours?

1) The first sip of my morning tea.
2) Seeing morning smiles on my son's face.
3) Birds chattering in my garden when I hang washing out.
4) When my favorite song is played on the radio.
5) Just sitting & watching my little boy play contently on his own.
6) Or snuggling & watching cartoons with him.
7) Every new word that comes out of his mouth. Seeing the excitement in my cats faces when I give them Breakfast.
9) The feeling I get when receiving encouraging comments about my Facebook page & blog.
10) I embrace the sensuality of a hot shower.
11) Opening all the doors & windows to fill my home with fresh air.
12) Knowing that I am loved & supported by so many people.
13) Being entirely grateful for everything that I have in my life.
14) The friendly tone in Neighbors voices when they greet you Good Morning.
15) Being truly grateful that I have woken up to greet a new day.

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