Saturday, 13 July 2013

Diary post #26 *Busy Day*

Dear Diary...

Today has been an awfully busy day, but a very good one.

so this afternoon me & my hubs took out son to  see his nanna & grandad who have been on holiday for the past two weeks. Joel was very excited to see his grandparents & vice versa. They spent the entire afternoon, playing with the new toys that they have spoilt him with & doing some painting & drawing!  :) 

Later on in the afternoon I had to nip back home as I was having a new 2 foot fish tank delivered from a women that I had bought it from through facebook for my fishies, which they now love. they must think they have died & gone to heaven in all that space. I just need to get a few new ornaments & plants to jazz it up slightly & I am even toying with the idea of getting some new goldfish!? 

I have had to order a 5 way extension socket this evening online as I then realized that I don't have enough plugs at the moment to be able to plug everything in for the tank all in one go! :s HA!! so hopefully that will arrive soon :) 

I think I am going to get myself an early night this evening, I haven't been sleeping to well of late & it's totally messing with my head & my moods which doesn't help with the depression, & most of all, my anxiety. :s

Thank you for reading guys. 
Until  next time. Xx

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