Thursday, 18 July 2013

Diary Post #29 *Summer is stay?*

Dear Diary...

Today it has been unbelievably HOT! :) This morning I began the process of filling my son's paddling pool & when it was just under half way full he toddles out into the garden in just his nappy & decides to get in.. I hadn't put any warm water in as I was going to leave it for the sun to warm it up as he has nursery on Thursday afternoon so I didn't think he of been going in until he came home.....but I was wrong! He just looked at me & said "Brrrr, cold" then he slipped & fell in face first. He didn't seem fazed by it though, if that was me, i'd of been squealing & creating! but not Joel, instead he started swimming around the diameter of the pool & singing! 

After about 30 minutes I had to get him out, give him Lunch & then it was time to go drop him off at nursery! I collected Joel from Nursery around 5pm, but once we got home he wasn't interested in the pool (he's been playing in one at nursery all afternoon) so I was sat thinking GREAT, why did I even bother to fill it up? Joel went to bed at 6.30pm, my husband was playing on his PS3 & I was sat in the kitchen totally baking, then I thought sod it, I got my swimming gear on & went for a dip in the swimming pool that I had spent most of the morning filling!! It was lovely, COLD, but so refreshing & cooling. :) 

I just laid there floating for approx 30 minutes before my husband realized that I had disappeared & came looking for me, the look on his face when he saw me in the pool... I wish i'd of had a camera! He then proceeded to get a bucket & throw cold water over me! EVIL!! 

Today has been a good day, & I really think the weather helps :) 
Keep smiling guys, until next time!! Xxxx 

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