Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Diary Post #30 *Pain! & update on Joel's Summer Cold/Hay fever*

Dear Diary.. 

Today I have woke up with agonizing back pain :( I am not sure where it has come from but hells bells does it hurt.. I didn't even manage to take my son to nursery this afternoon, my hubs had to do it, whilst I was laid up on the sofa playing the DS! I did however manage a trip out to TGI Friday's with my hubs & his parents for some lunch, but as much as the food was amazing, I didn't seem to enjoy it as much as usual because I wasn't comfortable! The whole time I had shooting pains in my back & was constantly fidgeting in my seat because I couldn't get comfy! I was so relieved once we got home, I crashed out on the sofa for 30 minutes & the hubs gave me a massage, which for the whole of 20 minutes did relieve the pain, but when it came to collecting my son from Nursery, I was walking down the streets like a damn hunchback.. if you had seen me you'd of thought i'd of had an accident in my pants, it was so painful to walk, so as I write this post I am currently sat in bed propped up with pillows & pain killers on my bed stand... I am so hoping that tomorrow I feel a little better, as I need to take my son to the doctors & have cough checked.. as I told you all yesterday (or was it the day before?) He gotten himself a Summer cold & maybe even hay fever? but when I collected him from nursery today his key worker told me that he'd done nothing but cough & choke all day so I really want to get that checked out as he's sounding very chesty now. 

I am hoping that tomorrow is a better day for the both of us because in all truthfulness  my mood has been crap today, i've been feeling so low & wanting to cry on & off all day :( but I need to try & keep smiling. 

Thank you for reading, until next time guys, keep smiling & I shall too! 

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